Holonic System by Nob HAGIWARA

Our word appears extremey complicated with unending diversity, but the hoonic way of looking at things is organic. In other words, everything is interconnected.
Hoonic organizations are favored in business now because they allow individuas to function independently with creative freedom whie ensuring that each person is effectivey connected to the whoe group.

As for architecture, each space stands separatey whie aso being functionay connected to the whoe structure. Each space then becomes an important part of the city system. What I call Holonic Art also represents this organic form. Each section is independent of the whoe at the same time as being a part of the large-scae entire piece.

I intend to function as an independent individua whie remaining aware of other fieds and staying connected with larger organizations. Thus I wi keep the individua and the whoe within my perspective as I continue to develop depth creations.
(In Greek "hoos"means the whole and"on" means the part)
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